Farm Animals (Year 1 of study) – Plus Pack

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What’s inside:

📝 Worksheets: Introduce a hands-on dimension to learning with two specially crafted worksheets. The “Coloring Challenge” worksheet encourages artistic expression by following instructions, while the “What Comes Next” worksheet stimulates critical thinking as children glue pictures in sequence.
📚 Vocabulary List: Immerse young learners in the magical world of language with a thoughtfully curated vocabulary list, introducing essential words through captivating illustrations that ignite curiosity and understanding.
🃏 Flashcard Fun: Transform learning into playtime with both small and large flashcards, making language acquisition an adventure.
🎲 Flashcard Games: Delight in interactive flashcard games that turn educational moments into lively activities, promoting active participation and reinforcing vocabulary in an enjoyable way.
📹 Visual Delights: Watch as language comes to life in our engaging videos, where vocabulary, animal sounds, and interactive Q&A sessions provide a dynamic and memorable learning experience.


🚀 English Adventure Plus Pack: Unleashing Creativity and Critical Thinking! 🌟

Elevate the learning experience for your little explorers with our “English Adventure Plus Pack” – an enriched educational journey designed to captivate young minds aged 4-6. This comprehensive pack encompasses all the wonders of the original adventure, plus exciting new additions to spark creativity and foster critical thinking.

Key Features:

  • 🌈 Vibrant visuals and captivating content for an immersive learning experience.
  • 🧠 Thoughtfully designed games and activities to make learning dynamic and enjoyable.
  • 📹 Engaging videos that bring language to life through visuals and sound.
  • 📝 Specially crafted worksheets


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