Christmas – Plus Pack

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🌟 What’s Included:

  • 📚 Vibrant Vocabulary List: From “Bauble” to “Reindeer,” kickstart the festive fun.
  • 👶 Small & Large Flashcards: Perfect for little hands and interactive activities.
  • 📺 Immersive Videos: Watch as your student or child connects words to images.
  • 🎬 Practice Makes Perfect Video: Enhance vocabulary retention through joyful practice.
  • 🎨 Mini Flashcard Worksheet: Spark creativity with personalized miniflashcards.
  • 👂 Listening and Coloring Worksheet: Foster listening skills and creativity.

🎄 Introducing the Scarlet Oak Christmas Plus Pack for Ages 4-7 🎄

Ignite the joy of learning this holiday season with our specially crafted Christmas Vocabulary Pack from Scarlet Oak. Designed for children aged 4-7, this comprehensive pack is a perfect blend of fun and education, ensuring a magical learning journey for your little ones.

What’s Inside:

  1. 🌟 Vibrant Vocabulary List: Kickstart the festive fun with a lively list of Christmas vocabulary. From “Santa Claus” to “Tinsel,” your student or child will learn and master essential holiday words effortlessly.
  2. 👶 Small and Large Flashcards: Our beautifully illustrated flashcards come in two sizes – perfect for little hands to explore. The small ones are great for on-the-go learning, while the larger ones create an interactive experience for shared activities.
  3. 📺 Immersive Videos: Bring the Christmas spirit to life with captivating videos featuring the flashcards. Watch as your child connects words to images, reinforcing their understanding of holiday vocabulary.
  4. 🎨 Mini Flashcard Worksheet: Spark creativity with our mini flashcard worksheet. Your child can cut out and glue these adorable miniflashcards, creating a personalized holiday keepsake while reinforcing their newfound vocabulary.
  5. 👂 Listening and Coloring Worksheet: Foster listening skills and creativity with our delightful listening and coloring worksheet. This activity enhances comprehension as kids listen for specific words and bring the Christmas scenes to life with color.

Why Choose Scarlet Oak:

  • 🏫 Educational Excellence: Our materials are carefully crafted to align with early childhood learning principles, ensuring a seamless and effective learning experience.
  • ✨ Engaging Design: From vibrant visuals to interactive activities, our Christmas Vocabulary Pack captivates young minds, making learning a joyous adventure.
  • 🌳 Scarlet Oak Quality: Trust in the Scarlet Oak commitment to quality educational resources that inspire a love for learning.

Make this holiday season extra special for your little ones with the Scarlet Oak Christmas Plus Pack. Order now and watch as the magic of learning unfolds in the spirit of Christmas! 🎁✨



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