Farm Animals (Year 2 of study) – Plus Pack

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What’s Inside:

  1. 📝Vocabulary List: Delve into a carefully curated selection of essential words, meticulously chosen to expand young minds and enrich vocabulary acquisition.
  2. 🃏🖼️Small Flashcards: Bring language to life with our visually appealing small flashcards! Perfect for interactive learning sessions, these compact cards offer a tangible way for students to engage with and internalize new vocabulary. Each card features vivid illustrations paired with corresponding words, creating a dynamic learning experience that sparks curiosity and retention.
  3. 🎨🚀Large Flashcards: Make a statement with our captivating large flashcards! Bold and vibrant, these oversized cards serve as powerful visual aids, commanding attention and facilitating group activities. Whether displayed in the classroom or used for interactive games, these flashcards create memorable learning moments that leave a lasting impression.
  4. 🎲🕹️Flashcard Games: Turn learning into a thrilling adventure with our collection of flashcard games! From matching games to memory challenges, each game is designed to reinforce vocabulary in a playful and engaging manner. Whether played independently or with peers, these interactive games encourage active participation and foster a love for language learning.
  5. 📹🐾Educational Videos: Immerse students in a multimedia learning experience with our educational videos! These videos bring vocabulary to life, making learning both entertaining and educational. From exploring animal sounds to interactive question-and-answer sessions, each video is designed to captivate young learners and enhance comprehension.
  6. 🎧📝Listening Worksheet: Immerse students in the world of auditory learning with our listening worksheet, featuring an audio recording accompanied by a transcript.
  7. ✔️❌Yes/No Worksheet: Strengthen comprehension skills with our Yes/No worksheet, offering engaging exercises to reinforce understanding and critical thinking.
  8. 📹🦁🐵Interactive Video: Count the Animals: Embark on a captivating adventure with our interactive video, “Count the Animals,” where students can engage in a fun-filled counting activity while learning animal names.

📚🎉Second-Year English Learning Pack: Mastering Language Skills with Fun and Engaging Resources! 

🌟Step into a world of language exploration and discovery with our meticulously crafted Second-Year English Learning Pack! Designed to build upon the foundational knowledge acquired in the first year of study, this comprehensive pack is tailored specifically for young learners aged 5 to 7, offering a wealth of resources to deepen understanding and enhance language skills. 🌟

Why Choose Our Plus Pack:

  • 🌐Comprehensive Learning: With a diverse range of resources, including visual aids, auditory exercises, and interactive videos, our Plus Pack offers a holistic approach to language learning.
  • 💡Enhanced Engagement: From hands-on activities to multimedia experiences, each component is designed to captivate young minds and foster active participation.
  • 🏫🏡Convenient and Versatile: Whether used in the classroom or at home, our Plus Pack provides educators and parents with versatile tools to support and enhance the learning journey.


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